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Wireline Retrievable Latches

BK-2, BEK-2, RK, RKP, and RA

BK-2, BEK-2, RK, RKP, and RA

The Vanoil Completion Systems wireline retrievable latches are designed to secure retrievable gas lift valves and any other flow control device, such as chemical injection valves and water flood valves, into the appropriate side pocket mandrels having 1” or 1-1/2” outside diameter receiver pockets.

The BK-2 latch is a spring-loaded ring type latch used to secure 1” outside diameter valves in XXX and other manufacturer’s 1” side pocket mandrels.

The RK latch is an 1-1/2” version of the BK-2 latch used to secure 1-1/2” outside diameter valves in XXX and other manufacturer’s 1-1/2” orienting side pocket mandrels.

The RKP latch is a 1-1/2” version of the BEK-2 latch incorporating a 0.453” hole through the center of the latch allowing fluids or gas to flow through.

The RA latch is a cam style latch used in 1-1/2” outside diameter non-orienting XXX or any other manufacturer’s side pocket mandrels.

 Technical Data

Valve Type Flow Control Valve O.D. Assembly Number Maximum Running O.D. Minimum I.D. Running Head O.D. Pulling Neck O.D. Running Tool Pulling Tool
BK-2 1″ 0301-NNN 1.358″ N/A 0.750″ 0.875″ JK 1-1/4″JDC
BEK-2 1″ 0302-NNN 1.358″ 0.375″ 0.750″ 0.875″ JK *1-1/4″JDC
RK 1.5″ 0402-NNN 1.786″ N/A 0.937″ 1.187″ RK-1 *1-5/8″JDS
RKP 1.5″ 0403-NNN 1.786″ 0.453″ 0.937 1.187″ RK-1 1-5/8″JDS
RA 1.5″ 0401-NNN 1.750″ N/A 1.359″ 1.343″ JC-3 2″JDC
-1BL 1″   1.358″ N/A 0.875″ 0.875″ GA-2 *1-1/4″JDC

*Use with appropriate core extension with this pulling tool.

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